Scoring Calculations & Winner

Scoring Calculations

Each entrant will earn points based on the performance, during the applicable contest period, of the professional sports players that were selected on their team. The specific scoring system for each letsRUMBL contest, and the number of winners, will be predetermined and set forth in the applicable contest details page.letsRUMBL will be responsible for tallying the points for each letsRUMBL contest based on the reporting of professional sports player's performance provided by each professional sporting league.

See the Scoring Overview section for a breakdown of letsRUMBL scoring for each sport and for our detailed contest rules.


1. Highest scoring 5-Star player wins.
2. Highest scoring 4-Star player wins.
3. Highest scoring 3-Star player wins.
4. Highest scoring 2-Star player wins.
5. Highest scoring 1-Star player wins.
6. Most games played during contest period.
7. Most challenges issued during contest period.
8. First team created during contest period wins.

Contest Settlements & Payment

We try to settle contests and run payments as quickly as possible, but must ensure we do so accurately. Most contests are settled shortly after the last game finishes. However, to settle we have to wait until all the player statistics have been reported by our third party stats provider. This lets us ensure that the final box scores are complete. Please note there can sometimes be last minute changes. If there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, the contest may be settled the following day.


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